2020 Lockport Brewery Euchre League

Limited to 16 teams, 2 players per team.

Points will be accumulated during 7 weeks of league play Jan 8 - Feb 19, followed by a seeded tournament week 8 on March 4. (We will break Feb 26th)

Play begins at 6:30p in the brewhouse, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early. Each team will play 2 games per night, with the exception of 3 games week 7.


House Rules:

  • Accumulate as many points as possible per timed 20 minute game, no limit. 

  • First dealer determined by first turned up black jack

  • Dealer offers play to the right to cut

  • Player does not need to have a bauer or trump in their hand to call up a dealer

  • No table talk is allowed, opposing team will be awarded 2 points

  • Do not endorse farmers hand, no trump, reverse no trump, ace no face, etc.

  • The only technique endorsed is "screw the dealer"

  • If a player goes alone and takes all 5 tricks, 4 points are awarded

  • If the team that does not call trump takes 3 tricks, 2 points are awarded

  • Teams will be allowed to use one substitute team for one week only in the event they can't attend

  • Semi-final and final matches in tournament will have a referee

  • Random generator is used to set team numbers during league play

2019 Week 4 Standings

214- Dante Mariani & Josh Legg

192- Kyle Kahler & Mike Penso

165- Pippa & George Milburn

159- Lecia & Denny Stark

152- Erin & Dave Barnhart

152- Tom & Cheryl Wallace

151Jill & Ken Ricker

138- Amanda Riley & Aaron Gray

137- Ben & Kathy Higl

137- Mike Murphy & Tammy Bennett

125- Kevin Murphy & Maggie St Clair

113- Justin Wallace & Nick Herron